Les Arcs is one of the world’s greatest ski resorts, and that makes it a top destination for people and groups from all over the world. Every year, many professional organizations host their own conferences, meetings, and symposiums at Les Arcs to excellent, memorable effect.

Many Ways to Enjoy Winter on One of the World’s Most Exciting Mountains

Like many other resorts in the French Alps, Les Arcs excels with regard to the skiing it offers above the timberline. With the longest run on the mountain covering a jaw-dropping 6,890 vertical feet, even veteran skiers who are in excellent shape can count on challenging themselves however they might wish.

Beginners will generally do well to stick to the gentler slopes that lie nearest to the highly developed base area. In addition to keeping things safe and controlled, these well groomed runs are also sheltered from the inclement weather that can rage far higher up on the mountain. With trail-lining pines blocking out the wind even when it starts to whip up significantly, novices can count on remaining comfortable while they get their bearings.

More advanced skiers will naturally find themselves working higher up the mountain’s impressive slopes. A well-developed lift system makes it easy to get virtually anywhere, although the sheer size of the resort means that certain journeys can take some time. With over a hundred runs catering specifically to intermediates, skiers who are becoming more confident can add a healthy dose of exploration to their own reasons to partake in the sport.

Professionals Mix Business, Networking, and Pleasure at Les Arcs

The sheer versatility of Les Arcs combines with its undeniable beauty and personality to make it an especially appropriate spot to host professional events. In January of each year, for example, horse veterinarians from around the world converge to take part in a special gathering organized by Nicholas Bova.

As a world-renowned veterinary compounding pharmaceutical company, Bova’s concern helps horse veterinarians tailor their treatments to particular equine patients. Bringing many of these dedicated professionals together at Les Arcs consistently makes for a perfect way to keep the community well connected while making the most of one of the world’s greatest ski resorts.