Choosing the Wedding Shoes

Every bride desires to have a stunning look on her wedding day. She ensures everything is perfect, from the wedding outfit, the shoes, make-up, etc. However, the bride might be having incorrect type of shoes for her wedding day. Here are a few tips to help when shopping for bridal shoes.

Always have in mind that you should have comfortable shoes for your wedding day. There are several ranges of shoes, from heels, tiptoe, flat shoes, etc. Pick the one you feel is ideal for you. We have people believing the parable of wearing high heels as the best choice of wedding shoes. Do not go for the heel style, rather, choose whats comfortable to walk with like flat shoes.

Match the wedding shoes with the gown. There bridal shops that stocks wedding accessories and helps the brides with matching the shoes and the gown. Match the shoes with accessories like your necklace or earrings. The shoes can also be harmonized with details of your wedding gown. Another matching idea is the wedding color theme, and the color of your maids’ attire. Important thing to do is to buy the wedding gown first, then the shoes can follow.

Avoid the last minute shopping for the wedding shoe. You will panic especially if you do not find the right shoe for your day. Shop as early as possible. This also gives room for any change if need be. If shopping online, you will also get ample time for delivery and fitting, as well as exchange if need be. Refrain from online purchase from abroad stores especially with less time left to ship the shoes as a wrong shipping will not give sufficient time for replacement and shipping the correct order back.

Factor in the venue where the wedding will take place when choosing your bridal shoes. A tiptoe shoe with a sharp heel is not ideal for a garden wedding on open ground. This sharp heel might will not be comfortable to walk on the open ground. Choose a chunky heel as it is comfortable to wear in slippery floors. What about a beach wedding?
Choose a sandal type of shoe, or any open flat shoe if the venue of the wedding is along the beach, and match the shoe with the gown. Most beach weddings have an all-white theme, therefore, choose a sandal that will compliment with the white theme.

Finally, let your comfort be the most determining factor when choosing your wedding shoes. Do not compromise style with comfort. Your guests will be focusing on the bride; thus, they will easily notice any unusual walking style resulting from wearing a wrong type of shoes.

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