What the Christians Do at Church and Why You Need to Be One of them

It also is possible that you could be feeling lonely and are contemplating to visit a church and find out if you can get company. As a young teenager, he visited to witness a group of his naughty friends who had promised to cause chaos in the meeting. You will get a virtual experience of what Christians experience when they meet regularly to the fellowship at church.

When you decide to come to church today, you will meet people who come together seeking to connect to Jesus. When you meet with others to relate to Jesus and each other, you get to feel the warmth of worship that is in Jesus. When Christians meet together, they do not discriminate against anyone. You will enjoy the joy that makes the family of God unique.

Your children, through all ages, will experience an age-appropriate and safe environment where they learn the word of God relevantly and creatively. When you go with your children to church today, they will drag you there the next time the Christians will be gathering for fellowship.

The Christians believe this truth because Jesus beckons them to let children come to Him. The life your children will live will open them up to pursue their God-intended purpose in life. Your children will learn how to channel their potential into highest priority activities that will grow them into the most exceptional young adults they could ever become.

You will meet people who come together sing hymns, spiritual songs, and psalms that please God with hearts full of gratitude. Sure enough, when you visit, you will get to understand why Christians sing, ‘for the Lord is good, and His mercy endures forever!’

It is with deliberate intent that Christians reach out to people who are not connected to Jesus and they don’t have a thriving relationship with a body of believers. Discipleship is a top priority to every Christian who professes faith in Christ Jesus. It is a command that Jesus gave to the Christians just before He departed, then they go and make disciples across all nations, people and groups.

You will learn how to live a Christ-like and Christ-centered life. You could come wounded emotionally, physically or even spiritually, you will find that the church is the right place for your healing. You also deserve the grace of God that accords you forgiveness and connects you to God through Christ Jesus. You will know for sure that every Christian has been given a fresh start in life.

You will share a common purpose; helping people connect to God through faith in Jesus. You also can allow Jesus to use you mightily by deciding to join fellow believers in following Him.

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