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Gifts for the Groomsmen: From High Quality Leather Hip Flasks to Golf Equipment

Written on August 27, 2017   By   in Clothing & Fashion

The wedding is rapidly approaching and the groom may be having a tough time coming up with groomsman’s gift for the guys. It’s an age old problem, as guys are not simply bought off with a set of pearls or a bracelet. No, men require a different sort of gift to say thank you for putting up with all the rigmarole that’s gone on the last six weeks. They need something that says, “thanks bud for coming to the couples shower and bringing a gift. And, by the way, thanks for being nice to my great-aunt Evelyn as you walked her down the aisle.” So what should a guy buy his friends to say thank you for their troubles, or more aptly, what should the bride-to-be help her fiance pick out? Below are some gift ideas they might find heart-felt and appreciated.


While not all men drink, it’s a pretty fair assessment to say a good number of men will appreciate a high quality leather hip flask. Available in a variety of colors, these small goodies are sure to be appreciated by most groomsmen. Accompany it with a bottle of their favorite whiskey or scotch and you’ll have a friend willing to help you out just about anytime. Amazing as it seems, these flasks also come in floral designs and pastel colors, so if you have a hankering, you can give them to the bridesmaids as well.


For the hunting enthusiast, a cartridge box could be that one gift he’d never think to buy himself. These finely crafted boxes are the perfect way to tote along hundreds of cartridges on the day of the big fox hunt. Durable and able to last for many years, it’s a gift he’ll remember you fondly for.


If your groomsmen prefer 18 holes over a day shooting animals, perhaps a golf divot repairer and ball marker might be a better idea. If he plays golf much like you do, it could be an ideal gift.

What you give is really not the point as is the thought behind it. While yes it should be something they would like, more than anything it should be a symbolic thank you gift for being your friend through thick and thin.